MBTI® Certification Program

The MBTI® Certification Program teaches participants how to administer and interpret the MBTI® instrument professionally and ethically. This four-day certification program provides participants instruction in Type theory and key MBTI® applications, broken down into an easily understandable format. This MBTI® Certification Program includes both Step I and Step II Certifications to enable you to apply deeper insight to tackle key challenges faced by organisations and individuals.

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Why get certified?

Gain a better understanding of yours and others’ personality preferences and how they affect personal and professional relationships.
• Deliver effective talent development programs with a greater understanding of your people, teams, and organisation.
• Help students make better education and career decisions by understanding their personality preferences.
• Expand your coaching toolkit, so that you can help others be their best.

Who should get certified ?

 Executive and Life Coaches 

The certification provides tools for helping clients increase their self-awareness and identify their strengths and blind spots.

Trainers and OD Consultants

The certification enables them to help improve individual and organisational performance and enhance team communication and dynamics.

HR Leaders and Professionals

The certification enables them to enhance organisational learning, leadership capability and inclusion.

Program Details : 

Duration : 4 Days

Pre-work: 6 to 10 Hours

Program Fee:  Rs.1,50,000/- plus Taxes

Certification Exam: Required


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