Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®)

The leading measure of conflict handling behaviour

Reveals 5 unique conflict handling styles​

Over 4 million copies sold

Tackle conflict in the healthiest ways

The TKI® instrument helps demystify conflict-handling styles that impact interpersonal and group dynamics. It gives individuals the power to choose the best conflict management style in every situation.


Conflict can’t be avoided, but it can be understood

In today’s diverse, complex workplaces: conflict is inevitable. The best way to deal with it? Helping individuals and teams understand their natural tendencies towards conflict, and how to best tackle inevitable differences.

Understand the 5 different styles

To understand how different conflict styles play out in real life, try out different responses to the below question by selecting one answer at a time. Alternatively, you can watch a video explaining them here.


Assertive and uncooperative behaviour to get own needs met, at the expense of others


Assertive & cooperative. Finds solutions that work for everyone involved.


A middle path between assertion and cooperation. Goal is to find a fast and mutually acceptable solution.

Unassertive & unccoperative behaviour.Conflict remains unaddressed.



Unassertive & cooperative. Own needs are sacrificed to fulfil others’ needs.

Deeply researched, real-world solutions

The TKI® instrument improves organisational productivity by helping people gain insight into their own and others’ conflict behaviour. This helps individuals make better choices, which leads to quicker conflict resolution and an improved working environment for teams.


The TKI® instrument helps people understand their conflict behaviours. This insight enables them to understand when to use their natural style, and when and how to change behaviour to engage constructively with conflict.


The TKI® instrument is a highly accessible tool that can be used at all organisational levels for quick, effective conflict resolution. Hundreds of research studies have confirmed the instrument’s ability to help teams deal with conflict better, and become more productive as a result.


The TKI® instrument’s simplicity paired with its ease of administration enables quick resolution- transforming potentially destructive conflicts into constructive dialogue.

Let’s talk specifics

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