ICF-ICC- Pune-2024

Breaking out of the Power Paradox

Date/Time: February 16th | 3:20pm to 4pm.

Breaking out of the Power Paradox

According to the Gallup Workplace 2023 survey, only 20% of the employees trust their leaders. How has this trust deficit emerged? Despite the incredible amount of attention paid to developing emotionally and socially self-aware and compassionate leaders, there is a disturbing increase in instances of inappropriate leadership behaviour.

Professor Dacher Keltner, in his book, The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence, says – “This is the heart of the power paradox: the seductions of power induce us to lose the very skills that enabled us to gain power in the first place.” How does this transformation take place? The popular answer to this question is – “Power Corrupts” 

Recent research, however, has discovered more. Most leaders are ethical, conscientious and have the interests of the organisation at heart. Most people do not seek to abuse their power, and most misuse of power happens unwittingly. Hence a more nuanced understanding of ‘inappropriate leadership behaviour’ can be understood by reframing “Power Corrupts” as “Power Alters”. The shift from “Corrupts” to “Alters” is key to understanding the challenges faced by leaders as they rise to higher ranks in their organisations.

What is often not so visible, is that people in high-ranking roles have problems of their own – the problems of being in a high-ranking role. There are 4 burdens that must be borne as you move into a high-power role: 1. Pressure and Stress 2. People 3. Privileges 4. Role Conflict.

Join us in this session to understand and explore these leadership burdens better. Equip yourself with practices that you as a coach can share with your clients to help them break out of the Power Paradox.

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Janaki Venkat & CS Mahesh are Founder-Directors of Anahat. For over 25 years, Janaki and Mahesh have shaped India’s coaching and OD landscape. Their brainchild, Anahat, thrives as a consulting firm and trusted psychometric assessment distributor. Master trainers in MBTI, FIRO, and more, they’ve empowered over 3500 professionals. Their recent deep dive into organizational power led them to Diamond Leadership and Julie Diamond, a renowned expert with the Diamond Power Index. Together, they explore how leaders can harness their power for inclusive, thriving cultures.