Strong Interest Inventory® Certification

Learn a certified process to help students choose meaningful careers

2 day certification program

250+ individuals certified at Anahat

85 years of matching students with their futures

The Strong Interest Inventory® has an 8-decade track record of providing students with research-backed insights to find rich, fulfilling careers.

This two-day certification program uses Holland’s theory of vocational interests as a foundation, and provides instruction in interpreting the Strong scales. The program provides a rich learning ground to practice administration and interpretation in different contexts, as well as handling difficult profiles.

I had completed the Strong® Certification program some years back. In my role as a college admissions and career mentor for high school students, I have used this assessment quite a bit. My students have found this a great way to get clarity on subject choices and what to focus on, going ahead.

Revathi Shivakumar
CEO & Founder, Revadmissions

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Who should get certified?

The Strong Interest Inventory® has been proven to be a powerful source of truth for students and professionals in search of meaningful careers and lives. All learning and development professionals seeking research-backed anchoring in their efforts to provide interest-based recommendations can benefit from accreditation.

School counsellors

Help students choose college majors, extracurricular activities and career options.

Career guidance professionals 
Help clients with professional development, employee engagement and reintergration paths, into the workplace

HR & talent management professional
Craft engaging talent development programs and career paths, tailored for employee’s interests.
Program details

Duration: 2 days
Pre work: 3-5 hours
Mode: Online & offline programs available. Contact us to learn more.
Program fee: INR 36,000 + GST

Strong® Certification Program

22 - 23 Aug 2024
₹36,000.00 + GST @ 18%

Strong® Certification Program

28 - 29 Nov 2024
₹36,000.00 + GST @ 18%

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