Virtual AC™

Ready-to-use simulations measuring 35 key competencies

Works across levels, functions & sectors

42 tried and tested exercises

Ready to use evaluations & assessments

Virtual AC™ is a suite of ready-to-use, immersive exercises delivered virtually. They are designed to assess 35 work-related attributes: individual traits, managerial skills, decision-making skills, interpersonal skills and motivational skills.


Customisable, immersive candidate experiences

Traditional assessment and development centres can no longer keep up with virtual and remote working environments. Virtual AC™ offers realistic simulations without the high costs and complex logistics of in-person AC/DC.

Simple. Intuitive. Digital.

Candidates complete exercises online. Assessors mark the exercises online. The smart built-in algorithms ensure quick, objective and fair scoring and also supports customisation of feedback.

Experience real hiring flexibility

The VAC suite will fit perfectly into your selection process for roles across levels by helping you identify high potential talent, whether it’s just one candidate or a large batch of hires. It also aids HR and L&D teams in delivering immersive exercises for development programs. Explore the different formats of exercises in the VAC suite below.

Day in the life

The participant is required to complete multiple interlinked activities within a single scenario, such as responding to emails, writing reports and dealing with phone calls.

Inbox exercises

The participant is presented with several emails containing different issues, varying in terms of importance and complexity, which must be prioritised and actioned.

Analysis exercises

The participant is required to analyse verbal and numerical information about a work situation and produce a report with their conclusions and recommendations.

No logistical worries. Just results.

Thanks to PSI’s Apollo™ platform, candidates can complete the exercises virtually anytime, and assessors can review their work instantly, from anywhere. The result? Less logistical busywork for HR and development teams.

Efficient: save time & money

Effective: make high quality decisions

Powerful: promote your employer brand

Consistency in evaluation: thanks to SmartScore™ algorithm

Let’s talk specifics

To learn more about how Virtual AC™ can help serve your specific requirement, leave us your details, and a member of our team will be in touch in less than 2 working days.