Behavioural Event Interview

Surfacing and assessing behavioural competencies with structured interviews

Reliable performance predictor

Rigorous, standardised process

Past behaviours predict future behaviours

Selection contexts consistently reinforce the importance of being able to predict behaviour: how do we ascertain a candidate’s ability to exhibit the behaviours needed to succeed in a role?

Often, candidates are asked about what they would do in hypothetical situations. The result? Hypothetical, best-case scenario behaviours being described.

The BEI uses a simple interviewing technique that focuses on the candidate’s behaviours in real past events. Research has shown that evidenced behaviour is a stronger indicator of future behaviour. The BEI is a proven way to unlock insights on evidenced behaviour.

Power up prediction

The BEI method is competency based: this reduces bias and subjectivity, which seriously impacts behavioural competency and culture fit evaluation. It drives higher inter-interviewer congruence through an objective, evidence-based approach that minimizes hiring errors.

Competency frameworks, put to work

Organisations make significant investments of time and effort to create competency & cultural frameworks that reflect their vision and business realities. The BEI technique helps embed frameworks into assessment and selection processes: making intangible requirements tangible.

Learn to reliably predict work performance

Anahat’s BEI training and certification programs are designed to help interviewers and assessors gain clarity on the fundamentals of the Competency Based Approach, facilitate learning, and practice the skills needed to conduct good Behavioural Event Interviews.

Participants are encouraged to recognise their interviewing mindsets and habits. They learn to separate information from inference, and learn questioning techniques to elicit accurate information from candidates on past event behaviour. Significant time is invested in understanding how to review the interview information to evaluate ‘evidence’ for a competency.

Why get certified?

The BEI’s structured, clinical method to interviewing delivers a wide range of benefits in organisational hiring contexts:

Enhanced quality of hiring, thanks to behavioural match

Shorter turnaround time resulting in greater efficiency

Reduction in valuable time expended by senior leaders on the interviewing process

Enhanced clarity on success drivers

Powerful component of AC/DC

Have questions?

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