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How do you experience power?

The Diamond Power Index® measures Power Intelligence, which is the capacity to use one’s positional and personal power effectively to achieve results, extend one’s range of influence, inspire and empower people.


Power changes the game, psychologically.

In corporate environments, rising up the ladder to positions of power is much more than just a designation. It requires signficant personal change: in attitude, role sensitivity and communication. Successfully navigating the dynamics of high power roles is critical for leaders today.

3 critical aspects of power

In her 25+ years of research, Julie Diamond identified 3 aspects of power which leaders require feedback on in order to be more sensitive about their power usage.

Personal Power

The leader’s own sense of power and their capacity to impact the organizational environment.

Power Perspective

Measures the impact leaders have on those around them and their ability to inspire, empower and achieve results

Developmental drive

Characterizes and assesses capacities that affect personal and professional development.

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In the creator’s own words

Listen to Julie Diamond speak about Power Intelligence and why it is so relevant today, more than ever.

Clearly see how your power is perceived

It’s hard for leaders to know how their behaviour is actually perceived. The higher leaders rise in organisations, the more compelled people are to change their behaviour towards them, so they get less feedback.

At the same time, leaders grow more confident in their own capabilities. The result?

The gap between a leader’s intention and impact increases. Clear and honest feedback is key. That’s where the DPI comes in: it helps leaders learn about their impact across 7 behavioural dimensions of positive power use.

Develop personal power

Personal power gives leaders resilience, and a solid sense of self: robust enough to take criticism, introspect, take ownership of and learn from mistakes

Power shapes culture

Power is behaviour. The DPI identifies key behaviours that leaders can exhibit in their day-to-day interactions, that can help build inclusive cultures.

Help your leaders create teams that feel safe

Coach leaders, grow companies

Power is the real currency of influence in an organization. The DPI helps consultants and HR leadership address the effective use of power in the right manner by using DPI with individual leadership or leadership teams.

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