Strong Interest Inventory®

One of the most respected and widely used career planning instruments in the world

6 General Occupational Themes

A North Star to guide people

The theory that underlines the SII presents a simple, logical argument. Most people can be categorised into six themes. So can most jobs.

All work environments attract certain types of people over others. Finding the fit between people and work environments is the secret to unlocking their best performance and satisfaction at work.


Use who you are to decide what you do

Occupations reflect the personalities of people in them. The Strong Interest Inventory® compares your interests with the interests of people in 130 occupations, to help you discover meaningful and engaging careers.

Explore the model

Interact with the different orientations below to see how they influence behaviour, interests and actions.


Expressive. Imaginative. Free spirited. Highly creative.


Highly inquisitive. Theoretical. Loves identifying connections & patterns.


Caring. Supportive. Extremely open to collaborative activities. People centric.

Active. Hands on. Highly adventurous. Enjoys taking risks and experimentation.



Ambitious risk taker. Born influencer. Knack for selling ideas.


Orderly, efficient and practical. Excellent, reliable administrators.

The foundation for strong careers

The deeply researched Strong Interest Inventory® acts as a solid foundation for students and employees alike to find careers they love, backed by a deep understanding of their natural preferences & strengths.

Generates personalised career options

Helps consider new career paths

Increases opportunities when starting/changing careers

Helps retention by better understanding employees

Let’s talk specifics

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