Saville® Assessments

Globally recognised as the best-in-class predictor of workplace performance and potential

High validity in predicting workplace performance

The best predictor of performance

The Wave® assessments have been proven through studies to be the best-in-class predictors of competency potential which translate into performance across geographies, cultures, industries and roles.


A comprehensive and fair framework

Saville® Assessments predict performance using a wide range of parameters: motives, talents, predicted competency potential and culture/environment fit.

An all-encompassing suite

The Saville® assessments suite has specific solutions for each talent assessment application area – be it from hiring, potential assessments to talent audits and leadership impact assessment and development.

There is a solution for every level in an organisational structure – through the availability of various workplace norm groups. Additionally, there are aptitude assessments, competency assessments and multi-rater tools.

A new breed of flexible psychometrics

Reports that everyone can use

A wide selection of reports can be generated from these assessments ranging from core, in-depth reports for expert users; to application-specific reports (interview guides, line manager reports, onboarding reports, development reports) designed for business users.

Hire smart

The Saville® Suite enables you to sharply define role requirements and enhance candidate quality by behavioural screening and merit listing.

Hire accurately

Boost the predictive power of your interviews. Use reliable and valid data regarding the candidate’s motives, talents and culture fit.

Build talent pipelines

Use the Wave® framework to identify what ‘talent’ means for your organisation, and what ‘potential’ looks like. Use Saville® development reports to provide targeted development support.

Build capable teams

Diagnose development needs for individuals and teams, carry out talent audits, align people assets with business demands.

Organisational outcomes first

The Leadership Impact Suite of reports from Saville® Assessments goes beyond competencies and strengths, linking leadership behaviours directly to organizational outcomes.

Select the best future leaders

Align on leadership requirements

Easier leadership interviews, assessments and promotions

Create leadership development programs

Align leaders with company priorities

Profile impact of leaders on teams

Coach leaders to enhance strengths & manage risks

Support leaders in integrating feedback

Let’s talk specifics

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