360 Degree Feedback

Tools that transform the feedback experience

Proven to enhance performance

5 reliable and valid frameworks

Learn about yourself by learning about your impact

Personal transformation is a critical ingredient in growing as an employee and leader. A proven way to speed up this up is 360 degree feedback.

Our 360 degree feedback tools provide meaningful structures for leaders to understand their impact on others. They provide leaders an ‘outside-in’ view of how others perceive them, to complement the ‘inside-out’ view they hold about themselves.


Growth & change is possible

You can learn to be a good leader by learning about your strengths and challenges. Feedback can help you to focus your energy constructively on areas that can up your game.

The Anahat advantage

We are experienced in helping organisations ‘prepare the ground’ for a successful 360-degree feedback implementation. Our experienced feedback coaches help participants own the data and draw meaningful insights that lead to actionable development plans.

Psychological safety is the open secret to success

360-degree feedback works best when there is an environment of trust and safety. Organisational leaders participating in the process of receiving feedback builds acceptance and credibility. Explore the different steps in the process below.

Step 1

Contextualisation of exercise

Step 2

Preparation & administration

Step 3

360 degree feedback

Step 4

Development directions


The 360-degree feedback exercise needs to be contextualised to the organisational purpose it is intended to serve. The framework of the feedback instrument needs to connect the individual’s development with organisational purpose.

Prepare & administer

Sharing information about the purpose and process of the exercise helps participants and those rating them do their part. All feedback is completed online in a confidential manner.

Feedback & reflection

The participants receive their 360 degree feedback. They learn how others see them and their impact on their teams. The coach helps them integrate the feedback with their own self reflections.


After internal reflection and external feedback, the individual can map out directions for growth and set goals with a more informed opinion.

Powerful insights

360 degree feedback exercises, when delivered well, can help build strong organisational culture, increase trust and enhance organisational performance.

Drives greater individual ownership

Build a culture of learning & improving

Determine group strengths & development needs

Develop leaders to sustain growth

Let’s talk specifics

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