Saville® Assessment Sample Reports

S.No.Report NameLinks to the sample reports
Leadership Reports
1Leadership Impact Expert Report View Report
2Leadership Impact Summary Report View Report
3Leadership Impact Personal Report View Report
4Leadership Risk Report View Report
5Leadership Impact Expert and Risk Report View Report
6Leadership Impact Expert Selection Report View Report
Multi-rater Reports
7Leadership impact 360 reportView Report
8Performance 360 Expert Report View Report
9Job ProfilerView Report
Sales Reports
10Sales Expert Report View Report
11Sales Line Manager Report View Report
12Sales Environment Fit Report View Report
13Sales Interview GuideView Report
14Sales Development Report View Report
Aptitude Reports
15Swift Analysis Aptitude (Verbal, Numerical & Diagrammatic – Combination Test)View Report
16Swift Comprehension Aptitude( (Verbal, Numerical & Checking – Combination Test)View Report
17Swift Technical Aptitude(Spatial, Mechanical & Diagrammatic – Combination Test))View Report
18Swift Global Aptitude(Memory, Numbers & Abstract – Combination Test)View Report
19Swift Executive Aptitude(Verbal, Numerical & Abstract – Combination Test)View Report
20Swift Apprentice Aptitude(Covering Six Aptitude Areas – Combination Test)View Report
21Verbal Analysis Aptitude(Single test)View Report
22Numerical Analysis Aptitude(Single test)View Report
23Diagrammatic Analysis Aptitude(Single test)View Report
Work Strengths
24Work Strengths Behaviour ProfileView Report
25Work Strengths Environment Fit ReportView Report
26Work Strengths Onboarding reportView Report
27Work Strengths Interview GuideView Report
Expert Reports
28Professional Styles Expert ReportView Report
29Professional Styles Expert Coaching Report View Report
30Professional Styles Expert Development ReportView Report
31Professional Styles Expert Work Roles ReportView Report
32Focus Styles Expert ReportView Report
33Focus Styles Expert Coaching Report View Report
34Focus Styles Expert Development Report View Report
35Focus Styles Expert Work Roles Report View Report
Business User Reports
36Professional Styles Line Manager ReportView Report
37Professional Styles Candidate ReportView Report
38Professional Styles Interview GuideView Report
39Professional Styles Onboarding ReportView Report
40Professional Styles Building Resilient Agility Report View Report
41Professional Styles Development Report View Report
42Professional Styles Work Roles Report View Report
43Leadership Impact Full Summary Report (NEW)View Report
44Professional Styles Entrepreneurial ReportView Report
45Professional Styles Coaching ReportView Report
46Focus Styles Line Manager ReportView Report
47Focus Styles Candidate ReportView Report
48Focus Styles Interview GuideView Report
48Focus Styles Onboarding ReportView Report
49Focus Styles Building Resilient Agility Report View Report
50Focus Styles Development Report View Report
51Focus Styles Work Roles Report View Report
52Focus Styles Entrepreneurial ReportView Report
54Focus Styles Coaching Report View Report
55Focus Styles Career Guidance ReportView Report