Virtual AC™

VirtualAC™  is a suite of immersive exercises delivered virtually. They are designed to measure 35 competencies that cover various work-related attributes like individual traits, managerial skills, decision-making skills, interpersonal skills and motivational skills. The suite contains exercises for different organisational levels, functional disciplines and sectors. These ready-to-use simulations can be used very effectively as part of assessment and development centers or as standalone assessments.

The VirtualAC™ suite can be accessed through PSI’s assessment platform, Apollo™. The format of VirtualAC™ allows candidates to take part in exercises remotely and does not require the assessor to be present in the same location as the candidate. After the candidate completes the exercise(s), the assessor can login and review the candidate’s responses through the platform and assess them. With VirtualAC™, you can do away with the complex logistics involved in running a traditional AC/DC and run the assessments to candidates in large and small batches or even in singles.

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Evolution and Model

Virtual Assessment Centres evolved from the traditional live assessment and development centres in response to three key trends in the workplace:

  • Increased technology interface and virtual nature of work
  • Increased collaboration between remotely located individuals
  • Increased focus on reducing development costs

It has also become important to provide great candidate experience, while ensuring the effectiveness of the assessment and development process. VirtualAC™ responds to all these needs by offering top-notch assessment and development tools on Apollo’s interactive online platform™. A simple, interactive tutorial helps participants become familiar with the online desktop and find different resources to participate in the exercise. The following types of simulations are available to the participants in the online format:

  • Virtual ‘Day in the Life’ Exercises: Participant is required to complete multiple interlinked activities within a single scenario, such as responding to emails, writing reports and dealing with phone calls.
  • Virtual Inbox Exercises: Participant is presented with several emails containing different issues, varying in terms of importance and complexity, which must be prioritised and actioned.
  • Virtual Analysis Exercises: Participant is required to analyse verbal and numerical information about a work situation and produce a report with their conclusions and recommendations.
Virtual AC


The VirtualAC™ can be used in both selection as well as development contexts. Many of PSI’s clients use VirtualAC™ for hiring entry level managerial positions, hiring laterally at senior level, identifying hi-potential talent within the organisation and developing them. The VirtualAC™ comes with 38 exercises which can be used at varying levels.

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