Resilience Questionnaire ™

The work environment and the nature of work is going through unprecedented change. Leaders and employees are required to adapt and transform both themselves and their organisations with ever increasing speed.

This requires employees to have the right strategies and psychological resources to thrive during challenging times.

Leaders, managers and employees need to utilise and enhance their resilience.

Research shows that high levels of resilience can improve job performance and enhance engagement levels and, that resilience can indeed be developed.

The Model

“Resilience is an individual’s capacity to adapt positively to pressure, setbacks, challenge and change in order to achieve peak performance.”

By understanding this capacity, based on eight core areas of the resilience model, resilience can be developed using strategies aligned to each of the eight areas.

The Resilience Questionnaire™

The Resilience Questionnaire™ (RQ) is a tool to measure resilience within an occupational context. It has been designed primarily with a development focus. However, it can also be used for assessment as well.

The RQ allows for quantitative measurement of the eight core areas to assess an individual’s resilience. Strategies aligned to each area can then be implemented to help develop and increase the individual’s capacity to deal with pressures and challenges.

The questionnaire generates a feedback report providing a summary of the individual’s results in relation to each core component of resilience, together with options on how they can develop each one.

Benefits and Applications


The Resilience Questionnaire focuses on the aspects of an individual’s psychological resilience, patterns of thinking and behaviour that affect their ability to respond positively to setbacks and challenges. 

Research has shown that high levels of resilience (also known as mental toughness) can deliver valuable occupational outcomes for individuals, helping people to make speedy recoveries from problems, reduce stress, improve job performance, develop positive attitudes, and sustain high levels of well-being and happiness at work.


The Resilience Questionnaire™ can be integrated into a range of talent management activities including coaching, self-development workshops, blended learning, organisational change, development of high potentials, management and leadership development, redeployment, restructuring and downsizing. The Resilience Questionnaire can be easily integrated into assessment activities to help build a resilient workforce.

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