CPI 260®

The CPI or California Personality Inventory 260® instrument is unique in its approach of understanding an individual’s personality. CPI 260® was designed to predict how individuals are likely to be seen and perceived by others based their responses.

Using a sophisticated technique to extract detailed insights about someone’s personality, it is able to summarise and explain how other people would see that person, and how others would judge their leadership style. In this way, it provides a unique view of leadership ability or potential that cannot be accessed by most other personality assessments.

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The CPI 260® instrument is used extensively within organizations for a variety of leadership and development applications as well as high-potential identification. This tool is highly effective for one on one or group coaching, management training programs, and performance improvement initiatives.

Framework and Theory

The goal of the CPI260™ assessment, which is derived from the full 434-item California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™) instrument, is to give a true-to-life description of the respondent in clear, everyday language (Gough & Bradley, 2005). The CPI260™ assessment measures 29 distinct psychological constructs grouped into 6 scale categories namely – 7 “Dealing with Others” scales focusing on the manner in which social participation is expressed, 7 “Self-management” scales assessing self-discipline and acceptance of societal rules, 3 “Motivations and Thinking Style” scales, 3 “Personal Characteristics” scales, 6 “Work-Related Measures” scales assessing disposition at work and 3 High-Order Measures scales assessing personal orientations.

CPI 260® helps articulate a leader’s personality in terms of their leadership strengths

CPI 260® also provides a framework to understand broad lifestyle orientations of individuals

Application and Uses

Executive Coaching

Given the design of CPI 260®, the instrument provides exceptionally useful insights for leaders. Leaders seeking to understand the impact of their personality on how they are perceived by others stand to benefit the most from CPI260®.

Coaches can use the Coaching Report for Leaders to coach leaders on how they may be perceived and the effectiveness of their perceived leadership styles. A competency based listing of strengths and challenges is also available to guide coaching efforts.

Personal Development

Individuals can also use CPI’s insights for becoming more self-aware, understanding impact of their personality on their social perception and use it to manage their behaviours for best life outcomes.

CPI’s Client Feedback report may be used to provide these insights with the help of a trained practitioner. The report provides detailed information on various folk scales as well as a broad orientation towards life.

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