The CEO of the
organisation was
brought in to provide
firm direction

The organisation had witnessed accelerated growth and the leadership team had once comprised of team members who were relatively inexperienced when it came to managing the increased scale of operations. 

The CEO’s leadership style helped set unambiguous performance standards, which helped the team win the confidence of key stakeholders. However, as the organisation grew, several experienced professionals joined the leadership team. 

The CEO, however, was unable to shift his leadership style to meet the needs of a more experienced team. The size of the leadership team had also doubled. The CEO’s style of having a granular oversight into the functioning of the teams created a lot of resentment.

As the CEO sought to increase his control through micromanagement, the leadership team felt more disempowered and accountability levels in the team began to drop. 

This generated a vicious low trust cycle between the leader and the team members.

Anahat designed
workshops for the CEO
and leaders

The workshop helped both parties recognise each other’s needs. The leadership team was helped in finding alignment on the increased expectations of the organisation’s stakeholders- an aspect that had not been bought into fully by the team members. 

The CEO was also helped to review his leadership style through a coaching intervention. 

Accountability levels &
team cohesion went up

The leader was able to balance providing authority with building consensus and ownership of the business goals. The leadership team was able to set up parameters for reviewing performance collectively. The leadership team along with the CEO were able to review their working and thereby increased accountability levels.