Empowering leaders tasked with competing organisational priorities to achieve internal cohesion, resulting in bottom-line benefits

The organisation was to serve as a cost-effective site, managing all back office operations of a multinational bank

The site was responsible for the back office operations of 3 business lines of the bank. The CEO held dual roles- as the head of one of the business lines and as the head of the site. The success of the site was a key deliverable for the CEO.

The leaders of the other two business lines did not report to the CEO of the site and as such were not obliged to comply with the policy framework created for local governance, particularly with respect to hiring, retaining and managing people. Relations between the leaders were not cordial. There were frequent conflicts between managers at the next level. 

The HR function found it hard to secure the cooperation of  the leaders and their teams.

Anahat supported the leader in framing the problem faced by the organisation

The leader was able to shift his perspective from looking at the conflicts as mere personality differences to recognising that the leaders did not share common ground.

There was a need to involve the leaders and arrive at a shared opportunity collectively. Using a workshop format, Anahat helped the leaders and their teams recognise the benefits of collaboration. 

Through a series of workshops, the leaders developed self insight, developed skills for consensus building and conflict management, learnt to engage with differences constructively and evolved healthy group norms.

The leaders learnt to pursue alignment and place conflicts within the context of the common success criteria.

Team cohesion had several positive benefits

The senior management at the HQ noticed the increase in cohesion among the business groups. The site witnessed an increase in migration of the business processes, thus making it even more cost effective. 

The local leaders’ aspirations were also met by the fact that the complexity of the processes that were migrated had increased.

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