Anahat's CPI-260® Certification Programme teaches participants how to professionally and ethically administer and interpret the CPI-260® assessment. Read more about CPI-260® here. Why CPI-260® Certification? Ideal for talent-management and leadership development professionals, certification on the CPI 260® assessment equips them to gain insight into the individuals’ interpersonal style, values, and motivation. It also helps them understand their strengths and blind spots in their leadership and managerial styles. The CPI 260® assessment is designed to describe individuals objectively, as others would describe them. Whether you’re working as an executive coach, a people development professional, or a team builder, this assessment enables you to identify leaders, nurture their growth, and promote success in the organizations they lead. Benefits
    The CPI 260® Certification Program will enable you to:
  • Help individuals and organizations identify strengths and management development opportunities.
  • Increase leaders’ self-awareness and help them adjust their behaviours for maximum effectiveness.
  • Provide executive coaching to empower leaders to reach their full potential through a structured, consultative approach.
  • Develop succession planning by building leaders at all levels, to strengthen the organization.
  • Improve an organization's talent management, selection, and retention process - by finding the right people and keeping them engaged through a fulfilling career path.
Programme Content This 2-day programme will cover: Day 1: The philosophy, construction and development of the CPI260™ instrument; understanding of the scales and their meaning and classic profiles for various job positions. Day 2: Sample sizes, reliability and validity; Administration, scoring, interpretation, and feedback, and leadership development applications of the CPI-260® instrument. Program details Duration: 2 days Pre-work: 8 hours Cost: INR Certification Exam Required: Yes Participants would be assessed using a short multiple-choice quiz and case studies. Those who do not meet the pass mark of 75% for the program will be asked to undertake an additional retake exam after the program. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be eligible to purchase and use the CPI260® instrument through Anahat. They will also receive a certificate from CPP Asia Pacific, indicating their eligibility to use the CPI-260®. To download the program brochure, click here.
Fee:Rs. 21,000 (plus applicable taxes) (Fee includes all resource materials required for the programme and is payable in advance.)