The Anahat Masterclass – Team Building with the MBTI® assessment.

(For MBTI Certified Practitioners)​

We are thrilled to announce Teambuilding with the MBTI® Assessment, which draws on decades of research and the experiences of MBTI® practitioners who have successfully used the MBTI® assessment in their consulting, training and coaching with teams.

In this Masterclass, you will learn to:

  1. Determine when it is appropriate to use the MBTI® instrument with teams
  2. Present the benefits of the MBTI® instrument for team development 
  3. Use personality Type data for team analysis 
  4. Explore team strengths and blind spots 
  5. Help leaders and teams work together effectively 
  6. Improve team communicationdecision making and problem solving 
  7. Support teams in actioning learnings from team activities
Harness the power of the MBTI® tool to build great teams! 
Fee: Rs.6,000/- plus GST                                 Date and Time:        12th May, 2021 (2 PM to 6 PM)
Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the “Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type & Teams” booklet