The Dilemmas Series (SJTs)

PSI’s Dilemmas Series is a suite of standardised and well-validated Situational Judgement tests (SJTs) created to measure key competencies to help you sift, screen, and hire employees easily. This suite is better suited in high volume recruitment settings. In this series, candidates are asked to rate the effectiveness of various responses to realistic work-related scenarios, enabling you to sift large numbers of candidates effectively and efficiently. These scenarios have been created through extensive research on role-specific competencies.

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Understanding the Model

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are considered as a method of assessment, in the same way as simulation exercises such as Group Discussions, In-basket or Analysis Exercises. They measure judgement and decision making in the contexts presented in the test. However, unlike typical simulation exercises, SJTs do not directly measure behaviour. Rather, they assess an individual’s ability to judge the appropriateness of a pre-defined behaviour or action in a specified context. Research shows that, much like behavioural competencies, the ability to make such judgements is not down to one single attribute, but is determined by a combination of cognitive ability, personality, experience and knowledge (summarised in McDaniel, Whetzel, Hartman, Nguyen and Grubb, 2006). These interrelationships are illustrated below (adapted from McDaniel et al, 2006):

Dilemma Series Model

PSI’s Dilemmas series measure candidates’ ability to apply discretion and make sound judgements in critical work areas related to five broad roles – namely Administrative, Graduate (Trainee), Customer Service, Call Centre and Management.  The individual tests (Dilemmas) measure distinct sets of competencies as relevant to the role, based on research findings of behaviours that are most valued and most predictive of high performance. 


Key Applications

The Administrative Dilemmas™ can be used for sifting candidates into administrative, clerical or secretarial roles within organisations across industries.

The Graduate Dilemmas™ can be used for hiring graduates or trainees.

The Customer Service Dilemmas™ can be used for sifting front line customer service employees across industries like retail, supermarkets, banks, and hospitality.

The Call Centre Dilemmas™ can be used to select Call Centre employees or Contact Centre staff across sectors like BFSI, utility, travel-tourism, telecom, and others.

The Management Dilemmas™ is specifically aimed at people working in, or applying for, first line or middle management roles.


  • Developed to reflect practical, realistic, and relevant job scenarios, resulting in greater perceived job relevance.
  • Designed with fully automated marking so it’s error free and quick to score.
  • Used to generate competency-based results, which can be easily mapped to the requirements of a specific job role.
  • Online delivery allows easy invites for candidates to take tests, track their progress, and view or export candidate scores at any point in the recruitment project.


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