Swift Aptitude Assessment

The SWIFT Aptitude series from Saville are a set of workplace aptitude assessments measuring various aptitudes critical for performance in a variety of roles at work.

SWIFT aptitude series and its standalone aptitude assessments can be used to manage large volume recruitment, screen candidates during selection process and even assess potential for leadership in identification of hi-potential talent.

The SWIFT aptitude assessments are reliable and valid assessments with exceptional predictive power. These assessments come with distinct comparison groups for assessing new graduates, graduates, individual contributors, professionals & managers and senior managers & executives

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A Range of Assessments for Different Roles

Saville’s Aptitude assessments are short, comprehensive and exceptionally valid in predicting performance at the workplace. All Aptitude tests in these series are computer adaptive which ensures that no two candidates get the exact same questions and all get to answer questions of the same difficulty level.

Swift Comprehension Aptitude

Designed to measure aptitude necessary for entry level roles where comprehension and working with information is critical.

Verbal, Numerical and Error Checking Aptitudes

Swift Analysis Aptitude

Designed to measure aptitude for more seasoned roles where analysis, decision making and judgement is critical.

Verbal, Numerical and Diagrammatic Aptitudes

Swift Technical Aptitude

Designed to measure aptitude to work in technical roles that require working with machines, design, logic and workflow.

Spatial, Diagrammatic and Mechanical Aptitudes

Swift Executive Aptitude

Designed for executive and senior managerial roles where judgement, pattern recognition and dealing with ambiguity is critical.

Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Aptitudes

Swift Apprentice Aptitude

Designed to selecting apprentices, it can be used to sift and screen apprentices in various areas of work depending on their aptitudes.

Verbal, Numerical, Error Checking, Spatial, Mechanical and Diagrammatic Aptitudes


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