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Saville Assessment Wave® is the most significant advancement in the field of occupational assessments in the last thirty years. Wave® is a comprehensive behavioural framework and is underpinned by extensive validation research. As the best-in-class predictor of workplace performance and potential, Wave® is recognized for possessing the highest validity and has received 27 out of a possible 30 stars from the BPS (British Psychological Society) independent review.

Anchored upon the Wave® framework are a suite of assessments which help predict performance in the workplace through measuring an individual’s motives, talents, predicted competency potential and culture/environment fit. The framework and assessment tools provide sophisticated individual and corporate diagnostics. The suite is organised into three broad application areas: Hire, Build and Lead. This page provides you information on the Hire and Build areas. To learn more about the Lead area please click here.

Understand the Wave® Model

The Wave® Behavioural Framework is a hierarchical model of workplace relevant behaviours. The model has 4 broad clusters, which break down to 12 sections, which in turn encompass 36 dimensions. At the last level of detail, which sits under the dimensions, there are a total of 108 facets.

Saville Assessment’s team of leading psychometricians started by examining 214 measurable behaviours using over 4000 questions and through a comprehensive research narrowed it down to 108 behaviours that best predict performance at the modern workplace across geographies, cultures, industries and roles.

Saville Wave's Hierachical Competency Framework

Wave® Assessments portfolio

The model can be accessed through behavioural assessments which span a spectrum from most detailed to most concise. The Wave® Styles assessments come in two versions – the detailed Professional Styles and the shorter Focus Styles. On the more concise end of the spectrum are Work Strengths and Match 6.5 which are geared for large volume recruitment contexts.

Saville Assessment Portfolio

The model also underpins two multi-rater assessments – a Job Profiler and a 360 tool – which make the suite applicable across the full talent management process – from role profiling and screening through to potential and performance measures. For more information, click here.

A wide selection of reports can be generated from these assessments ranging from core, in-depth reports for expert users to application-specific reports such as interview guides, line manager reports, onboarding reports and development reports designed for use by business users.

Key Applications and Benefits


  • Identify the drivers for success and sharply define role requirements.
  • Enhance the quality of candidates going to later stage interviews through behavioural screening and merit-listing tools.
  • Add higher predictive power to your interviews focussing on your candidate’s motives (what an individual enjoys doing), talents (what they are good at doing) and culture fit (where they will thrive).
  • Build your employer brand by providing developmental feedback to applicants using Saville’s feedback reports.


  • Onboard employees into new roles effectively and help them accelerate their time to perform.
  • Conduct talent audits. Identify talent ‘pinch-points’ and align talent with business demands. Create targeted development programs for High Potentials.
  • Drive higher performance through person and job-relevant development planning driven by data on performance and potential. Increase self-awareness – making employees more accountable for achieving their objectives.
  • Diagnose team strengths and challenges to enhance the effectiveness of working relationships and enhance team performance.

Reliability and Validity

The assessments are highly reliable (average internal consistency r=.84) and valid (average r=.57) drawing on items from a database of over 5,000 questions to assess talent & motive in a way that directly links to competencies & job performance.

In a co-validation study which included other psychometric instruments the Wave assessments were proven to predict workplace competencies much better than the others.

Saville Wave Validity

Source: How valid is your questionnaire?, Saville (2008), British Psychological Society- Occupational Psychology Conference

Saville Assessment Wave has been awarded with the highest rating by not-for-profit psychometric auditor – British Psychological Society.

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