Saville Wave® Assessment Reports for Expert Users

Online Administration products require accreditation in the Saville Wave® Assessment .The Online Administration Report will be delivered as a PDF Document. Hard copy reports will be chargeable at an additional Rs. 25 per page.

Report Name Sample Report
Wave Professional Styles
Expert ReportView Sample
Sales Expert ReportView Sample
Leadership Impact Expert ReportView Sample
Wave Focus Styles
Expert ReportView Sample
Wave Performance 360
Performance 360 Expert ReportView Sample
Leadership Impact 360 Expert ReportView Sample

Saville® Assessment Wave® Business User Reports

All reports in this section can be generated from the Professional Styles questionnaire
* Reports marked with a single star can be generated from both Professional Styles as well as Focus Styles questionnaires
** Reports marked with a double star can be generated from all three – Professional Styles, Focus Styles and Work Strengths questionnaires.

Report Name Sample Report
Personal Report*View Sample
Line Manager Report*View Sample
Interview Guide**View Sample
Onboarding Report**View Sample
Coaching Report*View Sample
Development Report*View Sample
Work Roles Report*View Sample
Leadership Risk ReportView Sample
Entrepreneurial Report*View Sample
Sales Line Manager ReportView Sample
Sales Environment Fit ReportView Sample
Sales Interview GuideView Sample
Sales Development ReportView Sample
Work Strengths
Behavioral ProfileView Sample
Career Guidance and Development Assessments
My Self Career Guidance Report
View Sample
Wave Job Profiler
Job Profiler ReportView Sample

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