Power Intelligence Certification®

Help leaders use power effectively with the Diamond Power Index®

3 day certification program

500+ individuals certified

Change the way you understand power

Preparing your senior leadership for the next level? Developing high performers? Trying to ensure your leaders are creating a healthy and inclusive culture?  There’s one common denominator that can make or break these organisational interventions: power.

Our certification program in the Diamond Power Index® provides a technical, actionable framework to articulate and improve power usage by leaders.

Learn why power needs to be measured

Why get certified?

Understand and explain the dynamics of power in organisations

Talk about power in terms of competencies

Make executives become aware of their impact on organisational culture and engagement

Make executives become aware of their impact on organisational culture and engagement

Work with leaders to avoid derailment by identifying potential risks

Train leadership teams to navigate their internal challenges productively

Who should get certified?

The Diamond Power Index® brings a rigorous, actionable framework to enable the best possible use of power in leadership contexts. Individuals working in leadership and organisational development in any capacity will greatly benefit from a Power Intelligence® certification.

CEOs & Senior Executives

Senior HR professionals. Learning & development professionals

Executive coaches & organisational development consultants

Program details

Duration: 3 days
Pre work: 2 hours
Mode: Online & offline programs available. Contact us to learn more.
Program fee: INR 105,000 + GST

Certification is awarded upon attendance and successful completion of the all modules of the program, pre-work and post-program assignment. As pre-work for the program, all participants are required to take their own DPI® assessment. As a post-program assignment, participants are required to practice their first debrief with the program instructor.

Have questions?

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