Midweek Musings-4

Mid Week Musings

Anyone who has ever read a Tintin comic will remember Captain Haddock’s favourite exclamation: “Billions of blue blistering barnacles!”

But what are barnacles and why would a sea captain refer to them with such emotion? Barnacles are sea-dwelling crustaceans that attach themselves to the hull of a ship and are very difficult to remove. In short, they are a sailor’s nightmare!

The U.S. Navy estimates that heavy barnacle growth on ships increases weight and drag by as much as 60 percent, resulting in as much as a 40 percent increase in fuel consumption! In fact, if allowed to stay too long, they can actually corrode the parts of a ship they are attached to.

So how does one remove barnacles from a ship? — By simply taking the vessel out of sea water and docking it in fresh water. Non-salty, non-corrosive water causes them to fall off.

There is a lesson for us here. Instead of focusing so much on the negatives and trying so hard to ‘fix what is broken’ within us, if we were to spend a bit more time acknowledging and nurturing what is best in us, and float for a bit in the calm and peaceful waters of self-acceptance, those ‘barnacles’ that drag us down would loosen their grip, and eventually fall off.

Have a good week!

Warm regards,

Janaki & Mahesh
for Team Anahat