Midweek Musings-28

Mid Week Musings

What to Forget, And What Not To

A group of visitors at a hill resort had gathered at its western periphery to watch the sun set. One particular visitor lingered until the last glow faded, & seemed thrilled through & through by the beauty of it all. One guest, more observant than the rest, wondered about this, & so over dinner, she asked this man who happened to be sitting next to her, “You certainly did enjoy that sunset. Are you an artist?”

“No, ma’am, I am not,” he responded, and after a thoughtful pause, said, “But I was blind for five years.”

Frederick Keonig once said, “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” Or, put another way, imagine how happy you would feel if if you lost everything you have right now, & then got it back again!

If there is one ingredient that is vital to that elusive mix called human happiness, it is a sense of gratitude. Study after psychological study has shown that people who are grateful for the good in their lives are quantifiably happier than those who constantly complain about their problems.

The ability to be able to shift our focus away from the lacks in our life and focus instead on what is going right is a great key to being happier. The ability to do so not only makes us feel good in the moment, it also helps us take a calmer and more balanced view of our sufferings.

As an unknown poet put it: 

Forget the slander you have heard,

Forget the hasty, unkind word,

Forget the quarrel & the cause,

Forget the whole episode, because,

Forgetting is the only way.

Forget the storm of yesterday,

Forget the fellow whose sour face

Forgets to smile in any place.

Forget that you’re not a millionaire,

Forget the grey streaks in your hair,

Forget the coffee when it’s cold,

Forget to yell, forget to scold.

Forget the plumber’s awful charge,

Forget the doctor’s bill is large;

Forget the repair man & his ways,

Forget the winter’s blustery days.

Forget the neighbour’s wagging tongue. 

But don’t forget the good when the day is done!

Have a great week!

Team Anahat