Midweek Musings-21

Mid Week Musings


There’s nothing some of us like more than a good argument! And while healthy disagreements are important and certainly have a way of oxygenating and revitalising the important relationships in our lives, the danger often lies in having too many arguments and always having to be right about everything!

Once in a while, it is good to let things pass. This poem by Virginia Brandt expresses it perfectly…

Don’t stoop my friend, to answer back,

Why not just Let It Pass?

You’ll find this giving word for word

Will never pay, alas.

Though ’tis true of human nature

This giving tit for tat,

Yet truly happy folks have found

A better way than that.

And though it seems impossible

It’s better in the end

To let them have their way, and then

Just LET IT PASS, my friend.


I know sometimes it’s very hard

And seems it can’t be done,

But if you’ll learn this better way

A victory will be won;

For you will save what’s so worthwhile–

Both time and feeling, too,

When you ignore what has been said,

Don’t try to argue through.

For then you’ll know without a doubt

‘Twas better in the end,

To let them have their way, and then

Just LET IT PASS, my friend.


Now some folks always answer back

They never hold their peace;

In trying to defend themselves

It seems they never cease;

Giving vent to every feeling

Whatever’s on the mind

Regardless of the consequence,

Then, after all, to find

It didn’t pay and would have been

much better in the end

To have borne it all in silence

And LET IT PASS, my friend.


For truly great folks never stoop

To answer petty things;

The unkind word, the bitter cut

That rankles deep and stings.

They are too big to notice them,

They simply pass them by,

And even with a smile sometimes

Or twinkle in the eye.

For they have found that after all

‘Twas better in the end

To meet it with a smile, and then

Just LET IT PASS, my friend.

Have a great week!

Team Anahat