Leadership Impact Suite

The Leadership Impact suite of reports from Saville Assessments goes beyond competencies and strengths, linking leadership behaviours directly to organizational outcomes. This suite comprises three different outputs: the Leadership Impact Expert Report focuses on identifying leadership strengths, the Leadership Risk report draws attention to potential derailers and the Leadership Impact 360 is a powerful multi-rater feedback tool for leaders.

Leadership Impact Model

Made specifically for leadership in executive and senior management context, the Leadership Impact Model takes into account leader’s personality, leadership styles and leadership impact, in an integrated model and bridges the gap between behaviours and leadership outcomes.

Also called the 3P model of leadership covering Professional, People and Pioneering aspects of leadership, the model describes 9 organisational impact areas under the 3Ps underpinned by 18 leadership styles. 

The Leadership Risk model also sits under the broad 3Ps and describes 9 leadership derailers, that could stem from over-used and unbalanced leadership styles.

Leadership Impact Assessment Model

Key Benefits of the Leadership Impact Suite:

Assess and develop the bright side of leadership 

(Leadership Impact Expert Report)

• The 3P Model and Wave framework combine to provide an elaborate assessment of leader’s strengths. It builds from leadership behaviours to styles and impact.
• The Leadership Impact Scales predict what kind of impact a leader is likely to have on the organization.
• The Leadership Styles Scales indicate the more and less preferred styles and the situations in which they work most effectively. The report also provides developmental inputs for enhancing each style.

Uncover and manage the dark side of leadership

(Leadership Risk Report)

• The leadership risk model is based on the premise that over-used and unbalanced styles can derail leadership.
• The report provides a measure of potential risk across 9 risk areas under the 3Ps of leadership, based on the leader’s most preferred leadership styles and behavioural combinations.
• Group profiles can be used to assess potential risks that the organisation is exposed to due to the predominant styles of its leadership teams.

Gather powerful 360-degree feedback for leaders

(Leadership Impact 360 Expert Report)

• Seeks and reports feedback from multiple stakeholders on effective use of 18 leadership styles as well as positive/negative impact on 9 leadership impact areas.
• The report provides standardized scores by comparing feedback across senior managers and executives at the global level.
• When used in conjunction with the Leadership Impact Expert Report, this report can provide powerful insights to assess and bridge the gap between leadership intent and impact.


Leadership Selection

  • Select the best leaders by identifying individuals with the potential to grow your organization and place them where they are likely to have the most business critical impact.
  • Use the impact framework to articulate and align on leadership requirements.
  • Use the Leadership Impact assessments to inform the interviewing, selection and promotion processes.

Leadership Pipeline

  • Create high-potential leadership development programs and deliver powerful coaching and feedback to accelerate potential.
  • Use the impact framework and assessments to identify individuals with the potential to deliver your organisation’s future strategy.
  • Design targeted development journeys to realise potential and build leadership capabilities.

Change Leadership

  • Understand and manage performance capabilities for optimum performance in individual leaders and leadership teams.
  • Use the Leadership Impact framework to align leader behaviours with organizational priorities. 
  • Use the Group Reports to profile the impact of executive teams and their group influence on the organisation.
  • Coach leaders to leverage their strengths and go-to leadership styles. Pinpoint and mitigate the risk leaders  can bring to your organisation, culture and themselves.
  • Support leaders in integrating feedback on their impact on organisational performance and culture, to devise strategies that enhances their performance and impact.


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