Diamond Power Index®

The Diamond Power Index measures Power Intelligence, which is the capacity to use one’s positional and personal power effectively to achieve results, extend one’s range of influence, inspire and empower people.

The Diamond Power Index assesses the impact leaders have on those around them and how effectively they are able to inspire, empower and achieve results.

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Feedback is given on 3 critical aspects of Power

Personal Power

The leader’s own sense of power and their capacity to impact the organizational environment. 

Power Perspective

Measures the impact leaders have on those around them and their ability to inspire, empower and achieve results 

Developmental Drive

Characterizes and assesses capacities that affect personal and professional development. 

Framework and Theory

Created by Julie Diamond based on her research on power spanning 25 years, it has been normed over more than 500 leaders from 62 unique organizations, spanning 12 different countries. The DPI comprises of 7 competencies that encompass behaviours demonstrating effective and ineffective use of power.

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Power Intelligence is a leader’s ability to use power effectively for the larger benefit of organisations and society. View this video where Julie speaks about Power Intelligence and why it is so relevant today, more than ever.

Feedback on how leaders use power is incredibly difficult to receive through usual 360 degree feedback tools or just through the traditional feedback mechanisms. Leaders often get misleading signals about their effectiveness and at the same time, they value their judgement more and more.



The DPI bridges a large gap when it comes to leadership roles – it gives the leader feedback from their colleagues, which is vital in creating a psychologically safe and empowering spaces for the leader, the team and the organization. 


Even the most well-meaning and approachable leaders can be unaware of the climate they create within the team. The DPI brings forth actionable insights to build an atmosphere where ideas are shared freely and guidance is asked for.


How leaders use their power has a trickle-down effect on the culture of the organization. The DPI helps leaders reflect on how their use of power influences organizational culture and how to build a healthy and inclusive culture within the organization. 


Leadership Coaching

Making leaders aware of their blind spots and managing how they are seen by those they wish to lead is key in their development journey. Coaches use Diamond Power Index to help leaders understand the impact of their power and use it more effectively.

Organisational Development

Power is the real currency of influence in an organization. Diamond Power Index helps Consultants and HR Leadership address the effective use of power in the right manner by using DPI with individual leadership or leadership teams.

Why get Certified

  • Develop leaders’ abilities to influence without the over-use of authority
  • Work with leaders to avoid derailment by identifying potential risks
  • Prepare high potential talent for the next level of leadership
  • Train leadership teams to navigate their internal challenges productively
  • Make executives become aware of their impact on organizational culture and engagement.
  • Exercise your own influence and authority in the best possible way.


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