Saville Assessment International Accreditation Program

Wave® & Aptitude

Saville Assessment’s International Accreditation Program (Wave® & Aptitude) trains participants to professionally and ethically use the Saville Assessment suite for ‘Hire, Build and Lead’ application areas. This program covers accreditation on Saville Wave (behavioural assessment) as well as Saville Aptitude (ability assessment). Read more about Saville Assessments

Why get accredited?

Get qualified to use the nuanced expert reports from the assessment that sets the market standard, having received 27/30 stars in a BPS independent review.

Getting accredited will enable you to

  • Measure talent and predict performance with great accuracy
  • Enhance the validity of selection processes
  • Collate and analyse data to assess talent pools (e.g. campus recruitment) and validate success profiles.
  • Facilitate alignment on what constitutes talent for your organisation
  • Conduct robust organisational talent audits to power talent management and development
  • Deliver powerful feedback to help individuals, managers and leaders to enhance their performance and unlock their potential.
  • Use an integrated framework and a comprehensive range of reports to support all talent processes.

Who should get accredited?

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Professionals

The accreditation will give you access to a sound framework for identifying competencies and a highly valid suite of assessments to measure competency potential and predict performance at work – both job fit and culture fit.

Talent Management and Development Professionals

The accreditation will help you conduct more powerful and objective talent audits, identify and develop hi-potential employees, provide powerful feedback to enhance performance, guide targeted development programs and build succession pipelines.

Executive Coaches and Consultants

The accreditation will enable you to expand your executive coaching capabilities by building direct links between individual potential and work performance, surfacing connections between motive and talent and delivering insightful feedback.

Program Details: 

Duration : 3 Days

Pre-work: 3 to 5 hours

Program Fee: Rs.80,000/- plus Taxes

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive accreditation certificates from Saville Assessments UK and will be eligible to purchase and use the Saville Wave® & Aptitude® Assessments and reports through Anahat.


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Further Training

Completing the accreditation on Saville Wave® will be the entry criteria for the following accreditation programs:

Accreditation on Wave® Performance 360:

Necessary for access to expert reports from Saville’s 360-degree feedback instruments. To set your own pace of learning, complete this course through our distance learning program. Or opt for a 1-day classroom course (virtual).

For more information, email us.

Accreditation on Saville Leadership Impact Assessments:

Necessary for access to Saville’s Leadership Impact suite of reports. Available as a 2-day classroom course (virtual).

For more information, email us.

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