Whether you want to prepare a leader for the next level, develop your high performers, optimize the performance of your leadership team, or ensure that your leaders are creating a healthy and thriving team culture, the first step is to become certified in the Diamond Power Index® (DPI). Our certification program will not only provide you with the technical knowledge to use the Diamond Power Index®, it will also change the way you understand power—not only your clients’ but also your own.

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Why get Certified?

The Certification on Power Intelligence® will enable you to:
• Understand and explain the dynamics of power in organisations.
• Talk about power in terms of competencies.
• Make executives become aware of their impact on organisational culture and engagement.
• Develop leaders’ ability to influence without the overuse of authority.
• Work with leaders to avoid derailment by identifying potential risks.
• Train leadership teams to navigate their internal challenges productively.

Who should get Certified

  • CEO’s & Senior Executives
  • Senior HR Professionals
  • LnD Professionals
  • Executive Coaches
  • OD Consultants

Program Details : 

Duration : 3 Days

Pre-work: 2 hours

Certification is awarded upon attendance and successful completion of the all modules of the program, pre-work and post program assignment. As a pre-work for the program, all participants are required to take their own DPI® assessment. As a post program assignment, participants are required to practice their first debrief with the program instructor.

Program Fee: Rs.1,05,000/- plus Taxes


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