Anahat’s 100th MBTI® Certification Programme Celebration

It gives us great joy to share that on 24 February 2018, Anahat celebrated the milestone of completing 100 MBTI® certification programmes in India. Having certified over 2,000 practitioners in the India, Anahat shared this occasion with the MBTI® practitioners in Bangalore. We invited MBTI® practitioners to join us in our celebrations at Lemon Tree Premier, Bangalore. The celebration included a formal welcome, lamp lighting, and a workshop on expression of MBTI® types through rhythm, theatrical improvisation and experiential activities. The celebration concluded with conversations and dinner.

The evening began with Mahesh and Janaki, addressing the audience and reminiscing on their journey with MBTI®. The theme of their address was – gratitude. They spoke of the gratitude they felt for; their teachers, the employees of Anahat and the MBTI® practitioners who have been a part of this journey. Next, the Anahat team introduced themselves to all the practitioners. Mahesh also launched new products that are designed to help practitioners facilitate MBTI® debrief sessions. To know more about the new products, visit here.


The main event of the night was a workshop that brought out insights on how MBTI® preferences may express themselves. The facilitators for this workshop were Kirtana Kumar and Konarak Reddy from the Infinite Souls Farm in Bangalore. They are professionals with over 20 years of experience in designing and facilitating workshops using theatre and music as tools of personal development. They worked in partnership with Anahat to create a bespoke workshop that blended artistic expression with MBTI® Type preferences.


The workshop incorporated multiple activities to bring out Type differences. This included balancing a bamboo stick on our fingers, a speeded extempore exercise on random words, playing rhythms mapped to MBTI® preferences and an improv theatre exercise on different themes. The focus of the workshop was to have fun and in an experiential way, watch type preferences play out. In doing so, all members of the Anahat team joined and learnt alongside the practitioners.


Type differences manifested in many activities. The most notable differences came up in how Type quadrant groups IN, EN, ES and IS approached and enacted the improv skits. Two groups, IS and EN, chose the ‘railway station’ theme. The IS group enacted a real-life railway station experience and incorporated specific details like seat numbers, dates and train times in their skit. The EN group also used the ‘railway station’ as their theme, however they approached it as a series of events that showed the station as a metaphor for life. They had a narrator give meaning and commentary to the improv. Another EN group used ‘island’ as the theme and adapted the improv to include visual stimuli from the screen. They portrayed dynamics between people stranded on an island, striving to survive together.


The ES group chose to perform on the theme of ‘street’. They also incorporated details like time but, were action-oriented, had diverse events within the play and focussed on the fun element. The IN group chose the graveyard as their location. They portrayed inactivity of the graveyard, had no dialogues and let the audience derive meaning from the improv without offering direct cues.


Following the workshop, the guests shared their insights– how it made them see their Type in a new light and spoke about their association with Anahat over the years.


We had installed an MBTI® themed photobooth where everyone took photographs with their type heads and the event banner. All practitioners lined up for taking selfies at the photo booth and browsed through the new products, introduced by Mahesh earlier in the evening. The event concluded with a dinner and farewell.


As someone who joined the Anahat family a month ago, it was amazing to see the coming together of MBTI® practitioners unified by their relationship with Anahat and experiencing their Type through a fun-filled evening.

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